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COOPER COLE is pleased to present Jerky Out, Gnar In, a solo exhibition of the work of Georgia Dickie.

For this exhibition, Dickie presents a space of precarity in which boundaries are flexible and tangled with our lived experiences. Over the past year, the artist’s short walk between her home and studio has narrowed the patterns in her collecting of discarded objects, and in turn shaped the way her new sculptures have evolved.

Dickie’s artistic logic is based in rebalancing and eschewing the values assigned to material objects. The artist uses found materials, collects them in her studio, and goes through a process of  shaping assemblages that create a new set of relations between materials. Often appearing  physically or conceptually precarious, Dickie’s works remain liminal, and intentionally question what it means to attain subjectivity. In some cases, this means the artist continues to adjust the works for a period of time, including during installation. By contrast, works with the most fragile appearance—for example made of shopping bags and cardboard— are in fact densely doused in adhesive and completely impenetrable.




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