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My interdisciplinary artistic practice is driven by my environmentalism and scientific training. As an artist who is also an ecologist, I’m interested in work about our environmental footprint in the Anthropocene Epoch, including the different scales at which we can view our impacts. Printmaking is a field of study that I’ve been focused on for more than a decade. I’m inspired by many different kinds of visual artists, but for generating my own work, there is nothing to compare to the experimental and technical processes and aesthetic qualifies of print media. I’m primarily a printmaker, using a variety of traditional and experimental print media, but regularly use other media like sound recording and animation in my creative practice. Much of my practice has a strong element of hand-made craftsmanship. However, technology is embedded in the process and work, and contributes to my conceptual explorations of technology as a way to see and care for the environment. My artwork reflects how the interdisciplinarity of contemporary art and ecology can offer a unique visual perspective.

Image: Lisa Matthias Bramble, 2020, 35″ × 56″, woodblock print, edition of 5

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