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2020 Gardiner Prize Winner

This lobby exhibition features figurative ceramic sculptures adorned with tactile designs inspired by African scarification. Scarification is an ancient, body-modifying cultural tradition practiced by various tribal groups throughout Africa. Each piece within this series is inspired by body art from a specific African tribe.

About the artist

Shannon Weston is a Toronto-based ceramic artist, born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. Her love for ceramics developed in 2016 at her alma mater, Edna Manley College. While learning about the craft, she found great fulfillment and hidden talents. Weston decided to further her studies by migrating and enrolling in the Craft and Design Program at Sheridan College in Ontario. Four years later, she earned her Bachelor’s degree. Weston uses throwing and hand-building techniques to create functional pottery and bold, figurative sculptures to express herself, reconnect with her African heritage, as well as uplift, adorn, and enrich people’s spaces and daily lives.

Image: Shannon Weston

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