Public Space

Based around the theme of collaboration, artist Nicolas Fleming will collaborate with four invited artists on site-specific installations in the VAC's Loft

Steven Beckly, Nadia Belerique, Shannon Bool, Chris Curreri and Elizabeth Zvonar: Photography is Hard

Daniel Faria Gallery 188 St Helens Ave, Toronto

In an exhibition that is seemingly about the mechanics of a medium, the body presses in. The body haunts. In the works on view, bodies merge with their surroundings: the studio, public architecture, domestic interiors. Sometimes fleshy and sometimes devoid of flesh entirely, they are reflections and shadows and outlines, and they are also devices through which to see other things.

Rachel MacFarlane: Bayou, Sea and Canyon

Nicholas Metivier Gallery 190 Richmond St E, Toronto

Rachel MacFarlane’s paintings defy a single genre, encompassing elements of sculpture, abstraction, and landscape. During her travels, MacFarlane recorded her impressions of the places she encountered including their distinctive qualities of light, dramatic weather, and native vegetation. She then edited and compressed the landscapes into their most essential and dramatic features. Bayou, Sea and Canyon, presents new colourful and dynamic paintings based on her explorations of these epic landscapes.

Ned Pratt: Burin to Fogo Island

Nicholas Metivier Gallery 190 Richmond St E, Toronto

Ned Pratt has lived in Newfoundland for almost his entire life. Its architecture and landscape are firmly ingrained in him as well as his artistic practice. Despite this deep connection, his work exists without sentimentality. He relies on the ocean, human-made structures, and rugged terrain for formal considerations only, similarly to how a painter might look at a still life.

Lisa Matthias: Ecological Constructs

Birch Contemporary 129 Tecumseth Street, Toronto

As an artist who is also an ecologist, I’m interested in work about our environmental footprint in the Anthropocene Epoch, including the different scales at which we can view our impacts.

Robert Mapplethorpe: Looking Forward Looking Back

Olga Korper Gallery 17 Morrow Ave, Toronto

Olga Korper Gallery is pleased to present Looking Forward Looking Back, an exhibition of 48 black-and-white photographs by internationally renowned photographer Robert Mapplethorpe

Joe Flemming, Traffic Jam In The Forest

General Hardware 1520 Queen St. W, Toronto

Fleming's recent paintings are a reflection of life in the moment. A mash up of images that collectively respond to today’s urban and rural changeover and to societies’ need for a balance of entertainment, action and the pastoral calm.


Mayten's Projects 165 Niagara St, Toronto

The exhibition on display is the result of partnerships and other collaborations among nineteen Canadian contemporary artists of different races, colors, genders, and ideologies to evoke the exhibition's core theme of Conversation. The exhibition encompasses sound art, painting, sculpture, assemblage, photography, and multimedia indoor and outdoor installations.

Immune Nations

McMaster Museum of Art 1280 Main St W, Hamilton, Hamilton

The outcome of a multi-year project that was developed prior to the pandemic (2014-2017), the exhibition explores complex issues related to the use and distribution of vaccines in the world today and the capacity of artistic research to solicit complex forms of affective engagement when dealing with difficult and divisive social and political topics such as vaccination.

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