Public Space

Based around the theme of collaboration, artist Nicolas Fleming will collaborate with four invited artists on site-specific installations in the VAC's Loft

Immune Nations

McMaster Museum of Art 1280 Main St W, Hamilton, Hamilton

The outcome of a multi-year project that was developed prior to the pandemic (2014-2017), the exhibition explores complex issues related to the use and distribution of vaccines in the world today and the capacity of artistic research to solicit complex forms of affective engagement when dealing with difficult and divisive social and political topics such as vaccination.



We are just beginning to understand the implications of a climate-changing world. As we face increasingly-unpredictable environmental conditions, many of the world’s poorest residents are at risk to drought, sea level rise, and the loss of habitat that supports fishing, farming, and other livelihoods. 

Miles Greenberg

Arsenal Contemporary 45 Ernest Avenue, Toronto

Arsenal Contemporary Art Toronto is delighted to present the work of the Montreal-born artist Miles Greenberg. His work consists of large-scale, sensorially-immersive and often site-specific environments which revolve around the physical body in space. These installations are activated with durational performances, treating the body as a sculptural material. 

Renaissance Venice: Life and Luxury at the Crossroads

Gardiner Museum 111 Queen's Park, Toronto

Featuring works ranging from Chinese porcelain and Islamic metalware to Venetian textiles and glass, this exhibition explores how objects connected cultures and geographies during the Renaissance. It questions the role of objects and images in stimulating significant forms of encounter, and more specifically, the role of ceramics in encapsulating cultural exchanges and intersections.

Bodies in Conflict

visual arts centre of clarington

Bodies in Conflict brings together three artists’ practices that engage with the bodies relationship to consumptive substances tied to deterioration. Through video


from the earth we grow

visual arts centre of clarington

This fall, the VAC is excited to present the opening of our new public sculpture park featuring several eclectic art installations on

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