Christina Sideris is a lens-based artist challenging the balance of ‘real vs ideal’ with her signature style of layering her own photographic images, exposing the dualities of constructed city scapes and nature’s own organic detail and bringing an entirely new dimension to art utilizing light.

Sideris is currently developing artworks being displayed on the ‘Artistry by Design Art-Box’, a dynamic illuminated surface that elevates two-dimensional artworks into atmospheric installations reflecting abstract global landscapes.

How did you know you wanted to become a photographer / an artist?

My passion for photography was discovered at the young age of 16 when I first studied Photography. My first period class in High School, found me absent from the rest of my full class schedule to indulged in the darkroom discovering a whole new world of photography. I also worked as an intern at a professional photography studio the semester after which then had me fully immersed in the profession, I was hooked.

A book that changed your life

Marianne Williamson – A return to Love: A  Course in Miracles – I read this book at the age of 25 and it’ transformed my life. It allowed me to see the point of forgiveness and letting go of all that was in the past, old beliefs that no longer served me, and gave me a higher purpose of a life filled with direction, faith and the constant  quest for knowledge and self improvement.

Do you have any rituals to boost your creativity?

I really enjoy long hikes, yoga and most of all listening to music to fuel my creative energy. I also enjoy meditating. 

An artist you admire and why

Ansel Adams – Original black and white photographer, master of the darkroom. My dream is to visit Yosemite National Park, California and create todays images of some of his most influential images of all time from half dome.

A small business people need to know about

LAO Food Co.

@DAO.LAO Best authentic Laotian food. YYZ best kept select. The JEOW the best sauce I’v ever had!!!


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