Originally from the former Yugoslavia, Gorley discusses her 20-year career as a photographer and the evolution of her work, shifting from a focus on self-identity and exploration of the self in her early career to focusing on the female and asking larger questions about beauty, the female experience and channeling intuition. She also shares how she manifested recent personal challenges into a collaborative project with local florists exploring various aspects of transformation. This exhibition at The Orchard Lyceum in Toronto is currently postponed. 

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Find Danijela online: http://danijelagorley.com/

#RemoteArtTalks: S1 E10: Danijela Gorley

Danijela Gorley’s photographs create magical spaces that deal with issues of self and identity while analyzing the role of women in our society. Now based in Toronto, Gorley was a founding member of Montreal artist collective YPF, which exhibited locally and internationally.

Her upcoming exhibition Flowers still bloom in wartime at The Lyceum Gallery is postponed until further notice.

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Danijela Gorley

Danijela Gorley

Photo by Danijela Gorley

Photo by Danijela Gorley

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