In this episode Abstract Painter Johanna Reynolds joins Artifier’s Carla Rojas for a chat about discovering her love of painting, her creative processes and adapting to the new reality of working in isolation. Diving into the collective experience of being in confinement, Johanna also shares a tour of her home studio, showcasing some of her favourite pieces from fellow artists along the way.

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#RemoteArtTalks: S1 E9: Johanna Reynolds

By consciously tuning herself into the natural world, Toronto-based artist Johanna Reynolds creates dynamic abstractions using oil and acrylic paint. Reynolds’ work is known for elegant, contemplative layers interrupted by moody, gestural bursts of unexpected colour.

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Featured Artwork

Johanna Reynolds, Her Voice is an Anchor

Johanna Reynolds, Dialogue

Johanna Reynolds, Natural Resources

Johanna Reynolds, White Cloud Mountain

In conversation with:

Carla Rojas
Founder, Artifier