Jordan Baraniecki is a multi-media artist who puts the individual at the forefront of creative ventures. What he understands, are questions about the “self” and the nature of being. His research about the contemporary world stem from Metaphysics, Alan Watts, and Carl Jung; how different states of consciousness and reality are intertwined within everyday life.

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#RemoteArtTalks: S1 E3: Jordan Baraniecki

Jordan Baraniecki is an international emerging artist in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He is curious about the subconscious mind and when those specific thoughts become conscious realities. He is learning how his own voice is transcribed through his understanding of the metaphysical world; how the idea of “being” and how he can help others understand the world around them. He allows the viewer to tap into their own subconscious, by using subtle details in his drawings, such as subliminal text within the black spaces, or through the details that are created using the smallest tools like 0.1 ink pens, toothpicks, and cotton swabs.

Jordan was born and resides in Saskatoon, Canada. Having the opportunity to study at three different universities in Canada for his degree, he graduated from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 2016 with a major in Fine Art.


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Featured Artwork

Adam and Eve’s Garden No. 3. Drawing. Print conté and pastel on paper

Untitled (Elicit Information). Acetone and ink on Terraskin paper

Swarm No. 3. Installation. Details

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Tammy Yiu
Co-Founder, Partial.Gallery