Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist, art director and curator Lauren Pirie joined Tammy from Partial Gallery for a heartfelt conversation about art, artists and life in self-isolation. 

Speaking from self-isolation in her 400 sq. ft. apartment, Pirie shared honest reflections on the challenges of creating while in confinement, moving her art studio into her living space, and her thoughts on how this strange period of time might impact the way we perceive and consume art in general. 

Pirie also discusses how her practice has evolved from her signature delicate, intricate ink drawings to include large-scale murals and, more recently, installation. With recent large-scale installation pieces at Ontario Place’s Winter Light Exhibition and MOCA, the artist shares insights from her transition into this new medium.

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Featured Artwork

Lauren Pirie. A Tease Doesn’t Count

Lauren Pirie, A Long Story, 2019 – installation view at MOCA –

Lauren Pirie, A Long Time Coming

Lauren Pirie. Spawn.


In conversation with:

Tammy Yiu
Co-Founder, Partial Gallery