We had the pleasure of speaking with Raoul Olou, a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto. His work focuses on home, belonging and archiving the mundane, and is characterized by bold brushstrokes that skillfully play with light and shadow. Olou describes his work as a visual diary of his recent move to Toronto and is currently fascinated with capturing a specific moment in time – the transition between day and night – entre chien et loup.

You can follow Raoul Olou on instagram: @raoul_o
Find Raoul online: https://raoulolou.com

#RemoteArtTalks: S1 E7: Raoul Olou

Having only begun painting three years ago, Olou has already participated in major charity auctions including #ArtWithHeart to support HIV care and was awarded the Mayor’s Purchase Award at the 2019 Toronto Outdoor Art Fair.

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Featured Artwork

Raoul Olou, oil on panel, 2019

Raoul Olou. Curtia

Raoul Olou, oil on panel, 2018

Raoul Olou. Kingstreet. Oil on panel, 2019

In conversation with:

Tammy Yiu
Co-Founder, Partial Gallery