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E12 Amada Estabillo – Recreating memories through abstract elements and the role of an educator while in isolation

Amada Estabillo’s work combines abstract elements and representations of human figures that often recreate memories of spaces and places. In this episode Amada talks to Tammy from about her recent work, the way being a mother has influenced her practice and give us a tour in her studio as they discuss how her role as an educator has changed during this time of isolation.

E11 Véronique Buist – Embroidery on paper and using reclaimed fabrics and cotton threads as raw materials

Montreal artist Véronique Buist creates delicate designs and embroidery on paper made out of cotton threads and reclaimed fabrics that she also produces. In this episode we learn about the way her work overlaps with nature, fashion, and will take a sneak peek into some of the work she is currently working on from her home studio.

E9 Johanna Reynolds – Abstracted landscapes, supporting local artists & creating while in confinement

In this episode Abstract Painter Johanna Reynolds joins Artifier’s Carla Rojas for a chat about discovering her love of painting, her creative processes and adapting to the new reality of working in isolation. Diving into the collective experience of being in confinement, Johanna also shares a tour of her home studio, showcasing some of her favourite pieces from fellow artists along the way.

E8 Alex McLeod – Exploring the relationships between nature and technology, fashion and art, physical and virtual.

Renowned Canadian artist Alex McLeod chats with Tammy about the relationships between nature and technology, fashion and art, and how the physical and virtual realms sometimes intertwine. McLeod discusses the learning curve of expanding his practice from a decade of prints and video to include 3-dimensional work, and shares his optimism about this strange time we’re in and the new, innovative art that can come out of it.

E7 Raoul Olou – Entre chien et loup: Capturing the transition between day and night and documenting the mundane.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Raoul Olou, a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto. His work focuses on home, belonging and archiving the mundane, and is characterized by bold brushstrokes that skillfully play with light and shadow. Olou describes his work as a visual diary of his recent move to Toronto and is currently fascinated with capturing a specific moment in time – the transition between day and night – entre chien et loup.

E5 Hugo Laliberté – New Media Art: Using technology to create immersive, interactive installations with sound and light

Hugo Laliberté is the co-founder of Ottomata Studio, an experiential design studio based in Montreal creating immersive installations that invite audiences to interact with sound and light. We talked about what is #NewArtMedia, what it takes to produce an interactive installation and how to start a career in the industry.

E3 Jordan Baraniecki – Metaphysics, Philosophy and the way consciousness and reality intertwine

Jordan Baraniecki is a multi-media artist who puts the individual at the forefront of creative ventures. What he understands, are questions about the “self” and the nature of being. His research about the contemporary world stem from Metaphysics, Alan Watts, and Carl Jung; how different states of consciousness and reality are intertwined within everyday life.

E2 Maya Skarzenski – Blurring the lines between fine-art and craft and creating imagery that plays with comfort and discomfort

Maya Skarzenski is an interdisciplinary artist fusing together painting, textiles, and photography. Her work explores the intersections between the abject and the beautiful. Through the use of material exploration and by incorporating unusual process combinations, she dissolves the line between fine-art and craft. Painting and textile techniques allow Skarzenski to create bodily imagery that is sensual, fragile, playful, and ambiguous.

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